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Actionable talent data and interactive tools that guide team leaders through critical hiring and development decisions.

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Data-powered hiring & team development

A unique and objective team-based approach towards team development, succession planning, and hiring into critical roles. Build high-performing teams by understanding and leveraging each team member's individual strengths and weaknesses in a team setting.

Interactive team assessment

Get a quick and actionable team snapshot of potential talent gaps and development opportunities to help everyone perform at their peak.

Actionable hiring toolkit

Help team leaders conduct better interviews and make great hiring decisions using our actionable hiring toolkit.

Objective tools for succession planning

Use clear talent data and objective evaluation guides to identify, promote, and develop new leaders.

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Wisnio helps us make better-informed decisions with candidate-specific behavioural interview questions and interview guides. This helps professionalise the process. With Wisnio, everyone can be an HR professional.

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Milan Zahradnik


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A seamless workflow to support the whole talent lifecycle

Leadership assessment

Assess teams to get a detailed understanding of the culture, behaviours, and competencies driving their performance.

Succession planning

Use collected data to help identify, promote, and develop new leaders in the organisation.

Organisational performance

Support teams post-hire with integrated onboarding and team effectiveness solutions.

Coaching and development

Use the insight to focus leadership development and coaching efforts on critical capabilities.

Executive search

Use the hiring toolkit to support a data-driven and objective executive hiring process.

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