Wisnio helps executives build high-performing teams using a combination of decision tools backed by behavioural science and machine learning technology.

Intuitive and easy to use

Wisnio's talent analytics platform and decision tools are built from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use.

Hiring dashboard

A one-stop-shop for everything hiring related. Each new position will get a separate dashboard with position mapping, candidate scorecards, and comparison.

Data-powered succession planning

The Wisnio succession planning process uses team and personal data insights to build role-specific Success Profiles and learning & development goals.

Candidate onboarding

Wisnio facilitates onboarding by providing new hires with data-derived insights on the team’s strengths, drivers, and working preferences.

Surveys and scientific frameworks

Behavioural science-based surveys are used to gather data on personal traits, motivators, and skills.

Values survey

Adapted from Schwartz's universal values model, Wisnio's values survey identifies core motivators and attitude-drivers, as well as the type of work environments individuals would thrive in.

Personality survey

Based on Costa and McCrae's Big 5 Personality model developed in the 1970s and updated with the IPIP NEO framework.

Competency survey

Based on the groundbreaking work by Spencer and Spencer (1993), Wisnio’s competency survey and interview questions are designed to bring more data into your hiring process.

Profiles and views

Profiles offer insights into understanding yourself, how people fit in a team, and whether new employees are a great fit.

Personal Profiles

Understand yourself (and your employees) better with insights into personal strengths, key motivators, and top competencies.

Team Profiles

Gain an inside look into a team's collective strengths, motivators, and skills to understand the culture that makes the team thrive.

Candidate Profiles

Reveal the core abilities and behavioural skills of candidates and understand if and how they would fit into the existing team.

Hiring decision tools

Hiring with Wisnio starts with job analysis to set clear requirements for the role.

Key objectives

Outline key objectives and goals that a successful candidate must fulfil.

Basic requirements

Define the experiences, qualifications, and skills required for a candidate to be considered.


Determine the required competencies needed to be successful using the Wisnio competency library.

Structured candidate selection

To ensure consistency and minimise bias, all candidates go through the same structured candidate selection process.

Benchmark candidates

All candidates are benchmarked against the criteria and their profiles compared to the team to understand possible behavioural changes.

Behavioural interview guide

The platform generates printable candidate-specific behavioural interview questions to be used during the interview.

Candidate Scorecards

Use Candidate Scorecards to ensure consistency in scoring and interviewing. The scorecards are based on Position Mapping.

Candidate comparison

Compare candidate scores with an intuitive and easy to use candidate comparison table.

Wisnio is one of the most innovative products that I have seen in some time - sophisticated data science built into a simple and intuitive digital user interface. It's exactly what was missing in the market, and is in significant client demand.

Tim Robson

Managing partner at H.I. Executive Consulting (HIEC)

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