Build & develop high- performing teams

People work in teams, hiring and assessment usually focuses on individuals. We combine data from individuals that form a team for a data-based approach to team development, hiring, onboarding, and succession planning.

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Build high-performing

Help teams leverage the unique strengths of each individual and shape a culture where everyone can perform at their best.

Understand each member

Invite your team to join and discover the unique strengths and intrinsic motivators of each team member along with the core values that shape the foundation of your team culture.

Identify potential gaps

Understand what characteristics to look for in a candidate to complement the existing team.

Take action

Use the included team development toolkit to make the data actionable and guide your team through specific team development steps.

Hire with data, reduce bias

Hire candidates that just fit with the existing team through structured evaluation and a candidate comparison process with scorecards and an interactive dashboard.

Define critical competencies

Describe the experiences, qualifications, skills, and competencies required to be successful in the role.

Evaluate candidates

Understand and evaluate candidates based on previously defined critical skills, competencies, and team fit. Use the included scorecard to evaluate and compare candidates.

Take action

Use the interactive hiring dashboard and our personalised behavioural interview guide to assess candidates fairly and objectively.

Plan for succession

Identify potential gaps in the talent pool and build a succession plan to future-proof your organization.

Analyse leadership

Get a clear understanding of current leadership in terms of differentiating characteristics by role and functional area.

Assess potential

Assess internal candidates potential to fill Pivotal Roles in the organisation along with an overview of potential gaps in the leadership pipeline.


Start implementing a strategic succession planning process today. Wisnio comes with workflows and tools designed for succession planning.

Wisnio is one of the few tools that I would trust using with my clients for fully remote coaching. Their unique algorithm and innovative combination of data about personality, values, and competencies can be a precious tool in the hands of an experienced team coach.

John-Leary Joice

Founder and Chair, Academy of Executive Coaching

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