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How OneWorld Consulting builds stronger executive teams with talent analytics

Learn how OneWorld Consulting uses talent analytics for executive team development and intrateam understanding.

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OneWorld Consulting provides tailored solutions to organisations as they work with executives at all stages of the talent lifecycle. From executive search to outplacement consulting.


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The Challenge

OneWorld Consulting provides services and tailored solutions for organisations as a new executive is joining a company (executive search), develops with the company (leadership development), and when, at some point, an executive leaves a company (outplacement consulting).

In terms of leadership development, OneWorld Consulting provides individual coaching, leadership team work, intercultural work, and mentoring programs inside organisations.

Typically, the process starts by working individually with the CEO to get a better understanding and then bringing in the team. The work aims to build awareness of themselves as a team, to get to know each other as individuals, and decide how they want to work together.

The tricky part is creating the needed awareness and understanding between team members. Naturally, there are plenty of different tests and assessments for personality, values, etc. But the problem with most of them is that they don’t look at the team as a whole and often put people into boxes. I’m an X, and you are Y is not very helpful in leadership team development and interpersonal understanding. 

The Solution

When looking for a solution that analyses teams and gives actionable insights into team dynamics, the team over at OneWorld Consulting started using Wisnio's suite of team analysis and decision tools.

  • Team analysis - Based on behavioural science theories on values, personality, and competencies, team members complete a series of online surveys and review their Team Profile to learn more about their colleagues' traits, motivators, and core competencies.

  • Personal Profiles - Users complete the personality, values, and competency surveys to finish their Personal Profile, where they'll find detailed insights into their behavioural strengths, key motivators, and top competencies. 

  • Structured hiring tools - The Hiring Dashboard brings transparency to even the most complex hiring process by giving a clear overview of shortlists, Candidate Profiles, and candidate evaluations based on the job-specific requirements with a range of hiring decision tools.

“The platform is simple to use and attractive. It’s not a PDF profile or a report - it’s an engaging platform that people can use to learn more about themselves and the team.”

Tim Bright, Partner, OneWorld Consulting

The Result

OneWorld Consulting integrated the Wisnio platform and the data it provides as part of a two-day offsite workshop with the goal of making a leadership team more effective.

The work starts by going over each team member's Personal Profile and following that up by looking at the team as a whole with the analysed team profile as a basis. This aims to give people an increased awareness of other people they are working with and how that affects the team as a whole. 

“Successful teams are aware of themselves as a team, and Wisnio has helped us in making teams aware of themselves and how they operate and fit together as a team.”

Tim Bright, Partner, OneWorld Consulting

One of the many benefits OneWorld is seeing is the nuanced language to talk about the differences. And with good language, people can understand and deal with problems more effectively.

Take openness as an example. The platform gives an understanding of differences and the diversity within the team. Rather than team members saying that X is wrong or Y is right, the platform provides a more sophisticated language to talk about the differences between people.

“Wisnio is a fun process of team members learning about themselves, the team, and themselves within a team. People sit with their profile, engage with it, better understand the language, and use it when they talk. It has made a huge positive impact for teams when we engage in dialogue with them.”

Tim Bright, Partner, OneWorld Consulting