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Actionable tools for critical talent decisions

Post-deal leadership assessment, succession planning, hiring, and leadership development on one intuitive and actionable platform.

Post-deal leadership assessment

A quick and practical post-deal snapshot of the leadership team’s potential talent gaps and development opportunities.

Actionable executive hiring toolkit

Help portfolio companies make great hiring decisions to build a cognitively diverse, high-performing team.

Data-based success profiles

Use the captured talent data to build proprietary success profiles for pivotal roles across your portfolio.

Case study

The ability to identify real team values and check that the team is on the same page with those is of utmost importance to us. Wisnio helps us see on a factual basis who best fits our team in the long run.

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Margus Uudam

Founding Partner, Karma Ventures

Build winning leadership teams, faster

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A repeatable and consistent process for scaling and developing portfolio leadership teams

Leadership assessment

Assess the existing leadership team to get a detailed understanding of culture and team dynamics.

Success Profiles

Use captured talent data to identify, promote, and develop new leaders with the included success profile and succession tools.

Continuous feedback

Understand the impact of initial leadership team analysis and its role on results 3 - 5 years down the line.

Hiring toolkit

Help portfolio companies make better hiring decisions with the include hiring & evaluation tools. Support and build a long-lasting relationship aided by Wisnio data and tools.

Team development

Use the included team assessment and development tools to ensure ongoing development.

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