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Understand what drives your team's performance, make exceptional hiring decisions, and unlock the full potential of your team with AI-powered insights.

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WilsonHCG is always looking for ways to boost their executive search capabilities and provide even more value to clients. Wisnio gives us access to a wide range of data that helps at every stage of the hiring process.

  • 196 dimensions

    Insights from robust and validated evaluation methods for a full picture of each individual

  • 250+ organisations

    Trusted by leading Enterprise, Private Equity, VC, and Executive Search firms.

  • 10,000+

    Implemented across a variety of roles and industries with over 10,000 leaders analysed to date.

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Introducing WisGPT

A first of its kind AI toolkit powered by Wisnio talent data and specifically designed for executive search and leadership talent professionals.

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Immediate access to team data

In-depth insights, generating reports, and interpreting talent data takes minutes, not hours or days.

Unique candidate experience

Assessment reports are ready immediately and our powerful AI tools explain the data to candidates and help them interpret it.

Automated documentation creation

Create candidate and team summaries in seconds, reducing manual work by up to 70% per project.

Actionable talent data

"Talk" to the talent data for unique insights and recommendations for hiring and development.


John-Leary Joice

Founder and Chair, Academy of Executive Coaching

Wisnio is one of the few tools that I would trust using with my clients for fully remote coaching. Their unique algorithm and innovative combination of data about personality, values, and competencies can be a precious tool in the hands of an experienced team coach.

Tim Robson

Managing partner at H.I. Executive Consulting (HIEC)

Wisnio is one of the most innovative products that I have seen in some time - sophisticated data science built into a simple and intuitive digital user interface. It's exactly what was missing in the market, and is in significant client demand.

Dr. Bernd-Georg Spies

Founder, Managing Director, Spies PPP

Wisnio gives managers a toolbox for making teams work better. It brings data and science into an often opaque process. With it, cultural and other behavioural and value-based inconsistencies can be turned into a management issue and hence dealt with much more productively.

Max Alfano

Portfolio Talent Team at HG Capital

We started to use Wisnio to help us in assessing existing and onboarding new management teams into our portfolio. It is a fantastic tool for development purposes; helping with identifying potential strengths and gaps within teams, which in turn helps focus developmental areas for both individuals and/or the team as a whole.

Margreet van de Griend

Managing Principal, Sokrates Partners LLC

Wisnio is helping us accelerate the alignment of our clients' executive teams. The tool is intuitive, very easy to use, and provides a structured and well-supported set of insights for teams to increase their diversity of perspective, quality of debate, and alignment of purpose.

Pamela Ruebusch

CEO, TSI Group Inc.

The Wisnio platform brings more logical, linear thinking into the hiring process leading to leaders to be more confident when making hiring decisions in knowing that their decisions are based on data and science and not on gut feeling alone.

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Our features

Scientific assessments

Capture in-depth talent data

Validated assessment methods for evaluating the core competencies, behavioural preferences, and intrinsic values that predict performance in a team-based environment.

How it works

Wisnio makes powerful talent data fast and actionable to support business leaders with their most critical people decisions.

Team members take the Wisnio assessment - the surveys take just 25 minutes.

Wisnio automatically generates the Profiles so that you can get an overall overview of the team in minutes.

Use the AI-powered WisGPT to get actionable advice and make sense of the talent data.

Use our AI-powered workflow tools to create the documentation you need automatically, reducing your manual work by up to 70%.

Capterra reviews

"Wonderful collaboration!"

Loved the insights gained from the overall people data to spot trends in behaviours and traits and values, equally, the actionable overviews of each individual's strengths and gaps, and how these compare in context to each other. The tool provided a great framework and common language to refer to, and the suggested questions for each trait were also very helpful.

Customer stories

Christoph Grandpierre

Managing Partner, Metakomm

Learn how Metakomm, a German HR transformation and leadership development company is using Wisnio to better understand and develop their team.

Mait Müntel

CEO, Lingvist

Learn how Lingvist uses talent analytics Lingvist uses talent analytics and decision tools by Wisnio to make better hiring decisions and build a high-performing team.

Tim Bright

Partner, OneWorld Consulting

Learn how OneWorld Consulting uses talent analytics for executive team development and intrateam understanding.

Milan Zahradnik


Learn how PROPSTER uses Wisnio to professionalise their recruitment processes and ensure better organisational fit.

Margus Uudam

Founding Partner, Karma Ventures

Learn how Karma Ventures uses Wisnio to better understand team dynamics and build a stronger leadership team.

Pamela Ruebusch

CEO, TSI Group Inc.

Learn how the TSI Group uses Wisnio to make unbiased decisions, bring value, and get more business from its customers.

Start your free trial today

The free trial gives you full access to the platform’s decisions tools, including the hiring, personal, and team analysis modules.

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  • Actionable talent data
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