Margus Uudam

Founding Partner, Karma Ventures
Customer story

How Karma Ventures is building a stronger leadership team

Learn how Karma Ventures uses Wisnio to better understand team dynamics and build a stronger leadership team.

Karma Ventures


Karma Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm, specialised in late seed and A round investments in Europe’s most promising tech startups.


Tallinn, Estonia


10 people


Venture capital

The challenge

Research has shown that people who are similar in values and diverse in everything else build a trusting relationship where conflict is easy to bear.

The challenge comes in reliably checking value alignment along with the "everything else" part. There certainly are different tests and assessments that look into personality, values, or competencies assessments. Still, the problem is that they are not designed or compatible with one another and thus are difficult to draw any wider conclusions.

Team-fit and creating synergy and agility between team members are especially important in smaller teams (as most VCs are).

The solution

To overcome these challenges, Karma chose Wisnio's suite of decision tools to analyse teams and help with minimising bias and make better-informed hiring decisions through data and talent analytics.

    • Team analysis tools - Based on behavioural science theories on values, personality, and competencies, team members complete a series of online surveys and review their Team Profile to learn more about their colleagues' traits, motivators, and core competencies.
    • Structured hiring tools - The Hiring Dashboard brings transparency to even the most complex hiring process by giving a clear overview of shortlists, Candidate Profiles, and candidate evaluations based on the job-specific requirements with a range of hiring decision tools.

"The ability to identify real team values and check that the team is on the same page with those is of utmost importance to us. Wisnio helps us see on a factual basis who best fits our team in the long run."

Margus Uudam, Karma Ventures

The result

Initially, Karma used Wisnio to get a better understanding of their team using Wisnio Team Profiles. For that, each member went through an online assessment (~20 minutes) and got their Personal Profiles and a combined Team Profile based on the assessment results that showcased their values, personality, and competencies.

"We have worked together enough time to understand who is who, but the Wisnio Profiles help us to better accept and understand each other's strengths and areas where we complement each other."

Margus Uudam, Karma Ventures

When analysing the Team Profile, it became evident that although Karma had a team that worked well together, some personality traits and competencies were lacking, and so they used the Wisnio Hiring Dashboard to fill those gaps.

Additionally, the Team Profile proved to be a great starting point for a data-based onboarding process for new hires. New employees could get up to speed faster in how they fit into the team and what unique value they could bring.

Going forward, when constraints allow it, Karma plans on using team analysis and Team Profiles with all its portfolio companies.