Chief Revenue Officer





5 key objectives
8 position requirements
9 competencies

This template is designed to help you hire an experienced Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) who can scale and optimize your sales process and build a high-performing global revenue operation.

The CRO will be responsible for driving the whole revenue generation process, from awareness to conversion and retention, and must possess strategic thinking and vision to anticipate market trends and adjust the revenue strategy as necessary.

The ideal candidate will have extensive leadership experience in sales and revenue operations, cross-functional collaboration skills, data-driven decision-making skills, a deep understanding of customer success principles, expertise in global expansion, and experience in identifying Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) and crafting corresponding sales processes.

Key objectives

Key objectives describe the objectives that the new employee has to achieve to be considered successful and help create the context for basic requirements and competencies.

Critical elements of a professional sales process (pipeline stages, funnel metrics, activity goals) are clearly defined and followed by the sales team.

The business has clear KPIs for monitoring the entire value creation process - channels, conversion, retention, expansion, NPS scores, account penetration, and sales effectiveness metrics. 

Position requirements

Position requirements include the required experiences, qualifications, and skills needed to achieve the key objectives of the role.

Cross-Functional Collaboration
Proven ability to work effectively with various internal teams such as marketing, sales, and customer success, aligning all towards common revenue goals. Experience in integrating cross-functional initiatives and activities is necessary.

  • Can you describe a situation where you had to align different functional areas towards a common revenue goal? How did you ensure effective collaboration?

  • How do you handle conflicts between teams when aligning them towards common goals?

Look for specific instances where the candidate was able to align different teams towards common goals. The candidate should demonstrate good conflict resolution skills and the ability to foster collaboration among teams.

Leadership in Sales and Revenue Growth
Demonstrated experience in leading, scaling, and optimizing sales organizations, preferably within the SaaS industry or related sectors. A proven track record of achieving or exceeding revenue goals and expanding business globally is vital.

  • Can you describe a time when you scaled a sales organization to meet an ambitious revenue goal?

  • Tell me about a time when you led a sales team through a significant period of growth, such as international expansion.

Look for specific examples where the candidate demonstrated strong leadership skills in managing and scaling a sales team. They should be able to articulate their strategies for growth, how they managed challenges, and the outcomes, especially related to achieving or exceeding revenue goals and expanding globally.

Revenue Process Understanding and Management
Comprehensive understanding of the entire revenue creation process, from brand awareness to customer conversion and retention. The CRO should be capable of identifying bottlenecks, improving process efficiency, and driving revenue growth.

  • Can you provide an example where you identified a bottleneck in the revenue creation process and what steps you took to address it?

  • How have you improved the revenue process in your previous roles?

Look for examples where the candidate has clearly demonstrated their ability to understand and improve the revenue process. They should be able to identify issues and provide efficient solutions that led to an increase in revenue growth.


Competencies are the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform a job successfully. They help to distinguish superior performance from the average.

Business Acumen

Understands the business and the competitive situation, evaluates the impact of business decisions, and is quick to take advantage of new business opportunities.

Analytical Thinking

Understands a complex and ambiguous problem by breaking it apart into smaller pieces, analyses information in a logical and methodical manner.

Strategic Thinking

Understands industry trends, develops future-oriented scenarios, articulates a compelling vision, and links strategic goals to daily work.

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