VP of Engineering



Series A


5 key objectives
8 position requirements
9 competencies

The VP of Engineering is a leadership position responsible for building and managing a high-performing engineering team that delivers on the product roadmap.

The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of software engineering in a SaaS context and be able to implement effective processes for goal setting, performance management, and productivity. Additionally, look for experience in cross-functional collaboration, scaling teams and processes, and guiding technology decisions.

Key objectives

Key objectives describe the objectives that the new employee has to achieve to be considered successful and help create the context for basic requirements and competencies.

A productive collaboration with the product team and other critical business functions has been established.

New product features are delivered on time and meet the technical and user experience requirements of the product team.

Processes for goal setting and performance management are in place, and the engineering team has reached its peak productivity.

Position requirements

Position requirements include the required experiences, qualifications, and skills needed to achieve the key objectives of the role.

Seasoned Technical Leadership
Demonstrated experience in leading and scaling engineering teams, preferably in the SaaS domain, with a deep understanding of software development processes and technologies.

  • Tell me about a time when you led an engineering team through a critical project or product development phase. How did you ensure the timely delivery of high-quality software?

  • Describe a situation where your technical expertise was crucial in guiding your team through a complex problem. How did you approach the problem and what was the outcome?

Look for specific examples where the candidate demonstrated their ability to effectively lead engineering teams. Evaluate how they utilized their technical knowledge to guide the team and ensure the delivery of high-quality software. Assess the strategies used in problem-solving and the impact on the project or product.

Data-Driven Decision Making
Demonstrated experience in utilizing data to make informed decisions that affect the engineering team and the larger organisation.

  • Can you give an example of how you have used data to make a critical decision that had an impact on the engineering team or the organisation?

  • Describe a time when you used metrics or data analysis to identify an opportunity or issue within the engineering team. How did you address it?

Look for specific examples of data-driven decision-making and how it was implemented. Assess the candidate's ability to analyze data and convert it into actionable insights. Understand how they used these insights to drive improvements or resolve issues within the engineering team.

Operational Efficiency and Process Improvement
Expertise in implementing or improving engineering processes and frameworks that enhance productivity and efficiency.

  • Describe a situation where you identified inefficiencies in the engineering processes. How did you go about improving them?

  • Tell me how you have utilized metrics or KPIs to improve the operational efficiency of an engineering team.

Look for specific instances where the candidate recognized and addressed operational inefficiencies. Evaluate their approach to problem-solving and how they used metrics or KPIs to monitor and improve efficiency.


Competencies are the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform a job successfully. They help to distinguish superior performance from the average.

Strategic Thinking

Understands industry trends, develops future-oriented scenarios, articulates a compelling vision, and links strategic goals to daily work.

Leading Teams

The need for the candidate to demonstrate leadership skills, build a strong team identity, and resolve disputes amicably is paramount, given the team of VPs and marketing specialists they will lead.

Ensuring accountability

Provides direction by clearly communicating performance expectations. Holds oneself and others accountable to meet set objectives.

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